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Blu-U Light Treatment

Korunda Medical Institute now offers a new, pain-free way to treat acne. This high-tech blue light treatment goes to the core of acne and easily wipes it away. If acne vulgaris is a problem for you, which it is for many men, women and children, Korunda Medical Center has the solution.

Blue Light Facts

This non-invasive blue light method works by activating the endogenous photosensitizers within the acne bacteria and inhibits the blockage of the sebaceous follicle and prevents acne.

It is safe to use and produces results for those who have been trying just about everything to get rid of unsightly acne.

Each blue light treatment session lasts around 15 minutes or so and can be done on a weekly basis.
The length of time in which it takes to remove all acne will depend on the severity and prevalence of the acne condition.

This is a wonderful acne treatment option for those suffering from such blemishes as it is safe, effective and pain-free. It is a non-invasive method which more and more individuals are expressing an interest in due to its positive and quick results. The blue light acne removal treatment can be used on its own or in conjunction with acne medications. It is a great alternative for those who grow weary of the countless acne ointments and who wish to pursue a quick and easy remedy to their acne condition.

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